Before we build your extension we always prepare the area so it's completely ready.



We always work with the final product in mind. We aim to have as much digging, demoltion and preperation done at the same time to minimise mess and disruption for you and your neighbours.



If needed we create definite boundry lines so your extension is clearly measured from the correct boundry.










We take pride in our building experience and therefore you can expect the highest quality of work.



We use the highest quality materials and always comply with all regulations throughout the build.



With Terracea all aspects are covered and we only use our trusted tradesmen from start to finish.















Final stages and completion

We always suggest a final finish to all our customers. The surrounding area of an extension is just as important as the building itself and should compliment it as best as it can. 



By matching colours and creating shaped areas it can completely transform the area into something special.